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Business skills 

Don't get left behind

Training solutions for your success - 

Refresh skills that are a critical part of your performance and professional demeanor.                     

Excel 2020 series

Excel users love tips and tricks to work more efficiently. The Excel 2020 series started in 2020 with a webinar to show

20 tips in 20 minutes


Each year, a new session is added to

      the series with updated tips.

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PowerPoint - tips

Watch for July dates

PowerPoint enthusiasts,

Get ready to be blown away. The new session is packed with excellent tips for taking your presentations to the next level.


Like the Excel 2020 series, the session will showcase frequently used editing and layout tricks that will make your life easier. 

Soft Skills
Business skills training

Business training is often overlooked. Training is a critical part of employee performance and professional development.

Soft Skills
Soft skills refer to behavior characteristics that make you a successful communicator and leader. 

A minimal time investment provides insight into your interpersonal development:
- Problem analysis/solving
Working with teams and clients
- Negotiating
Typically users are at different knowledge levels with the software they use.  A 'needs assessment' is a great tool for determining what skills are missing or need further training.  

If you aren't sure where to get started - check out the sample assessments.  
Software Skills
Excel Training Sessions
Training Needs Assessment
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