Technology efficiency - Training

Business training is often overlooked (and is usually the first budget that gets 'axed' in hard times). Training is such a critical part of employee performance and professional development. Classes taught by CCR Consulting use actual business scenarios, not just a typical classroom environment that is offered from 'training companies'. Content is customized for your business situations, even the capability to use your files which enhances the training applicability to your Excel requirements. 

Training is available for all Microsoft applications. Classes are offered in instructor led (ILT) and virtual format.

Excel Training Program
Excel Reference Guide
Training Needs Assessment
Typically users are at different knowledge levels with software they use on their jobs.  A 'needs assessment' is a great tool for determining what skills are missing or need further training.  
If you aren't sure where to get started - check out the sample assessments for essential knowledge.  

Business skills

Your top notch business skills enhance your ability to standout as a leader in any setting. There are basic rules for business success that haven't gone away with the digital age -- in fact, they have only become more important. These skills include:

  • Good communication ability

  • Time management, organization and goal setting

  • Presentation skills

  • Relationship building and respect for co-workers

  • Desire to learn

These are the skills that develop leaders​.

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