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20 tips in 20 minutes !!!
Use short-cuts to complete typical Excel tasks
Many users are under-utilizing Excel and are not aware of the built-in tools that make everyday tasks easier to complete. 
Learn about:
     Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
     Formatting tricks
     Formulas / Functions
     Fill handle
     Relative / Absolute references
     Alt + = 
     Insert Function
     F4 key
     Headers / Footers
     Print Titles
     and more.........
The webinar is designed for the typical Excel user. A basic understanding (use) of Excel is necessary to understand the examples and realize the maximum benefit from this session. 
Skills include:
  • Ability to create basic formulas/functions
  • Experience with formatting worksheets
  • Understanding of basic terminology
  • Printing worksheets

Excel 20/20

Complimentary Webinar


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