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20 tips in 20 minutes !!!
Demonstration of completing typical Excel tasks
as efficiently as possible.
Many users are under-utilizing Excel and are not aware of
tools that are built-in and make everyday tasks easier to complete. This webinar demonstrates shows several ways to simplify everyday tasks.
Learn about:
     Alt =  - quick sum
     F11 - create a chart
     Print Titles
     Data Validation
     Goal Seek
     and more.........
The webinar is designed for the experienced Excel user. You should have solid Excel skills to get the maximum benefit from this session. 
Skills include:
  • Ability to create formulas/functions
  • Experience with formatting worksheets
  • Understanding of basic terminology (labels, values, absolute & relative references, syntax, arguments)
  • Printing worksheets
The webinar uses Cisco Webex Meeting software which is available on Windows, iOS or Android devices.
(Instructions are included with the registration link.)

Excel 20/20

Complimentary Webinar


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